These men are not victims

To the editor:

Quick — someone get me a violin so I can start the pity party for all of the pedophile priests who are the “neglected victims” (“Priests accused of abuse turn to under-the-radar group,” Aug. 3.) Why just molly-coddle the priests? What about all of the other pedophiles who also must be considered victims if you follow this distorted logic to its conclusion? What genius devised this plan?

These men are not victims — they are predators and should be in jail. Instead, they are being given donations of money (which are tax deductible) and jobs by an organization called Opus One.

If they do end up in jail, they are given commissary money and receive visits, while the true victims are subjected to questioning and public humiliation because they had the courage to step up.

When will we, as a society, show the same courage and prosecute these priests the same way other pedophiles are, and put them in jail, where they belong? It’s time to say “Enough!” And, if there are still those out there who believe these jackals deserve their support, let them provide that support openly, not anonymously, and face the consequences of their actions.

Anita Crothers