Progressives have nothing to offer

To the editor:

Progressives have nothing to offer. They say they are going to improve the best economy America has ever experienced and reduce black, Hispanic, Asian and female unemployment from the lowest it’s ever been? An economy that is bringing back more factory jobs than their hero, President Obama, ever dreamed of and who said would never come back? An economy that has seen the average GNP up to 3.5 percent during the last few years, when Obuma said we’ll never see higher than 2 percent.

The Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Coalition wants to go back to the good old days of Obama and Joe Biden. Vote blue if you do.

Biden has been a senator for 34 years and vice president for eight years, and he blames President Trump (who has three years in politics) for America’s problems?

Republicans love our country. If progressives love it, why do they want to fundamentally change it? They want to revise our Constitution, eliminate the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, eliminate our freedoms, curtail speech against their agenda, support ANTIFA, abolish religion and confiscate guns. All progressives have is the race card, misogyny card, homophobic card, Islam-phobia card and a xenophobic card. Conservatives Trump their cards.

Progressive writers complain and never advise on how to improve America. I guess a non-gender restroom is a good start. They wake up daily worrying about what to call a manhole. It must be depressing to always look for hurt feelings. It’s the economy, stupid.

Why are measles, mumps, smallpox and tuberculosis on the rise? Because of millions of non-vaccinated illegal aliens. California pardons illegal aliens, but puts others in jail for three months for using a plastic straw. Would they put illegal aliens in jail for using a plastic straw?

Alyssa Milano wonders why pro-lifers aren’t upset at executing murderers, but are at executing babies. She’s brainless: Adults who choose to murder and who are found guilty know the consequences of their actions. Babies are innocent of any crime. Progressives say no one is above the law except for illegal aliens and the Clintons.

Millionaire Bernie Sanders, who owns three homes, had to fire some staff to pay the rest at $15 an hour. Did he learn a lesson?

Progressives are terrified of conservatives and blacks who think and reason, love their country, appreciate and respect our military and law enforcers; honor our flag; don’t change history; call out communists; and believe in hard work, fair play, rule of law and compensation according to one’s merits. Progressive atheists lecture on morality; pro-abortion baby killers lecture on human rights; transvestites lecture on human biology; and socialists lecture on the economy. Really?

Democrats have failed urban America. I guess this is racist, so be it. It’s still a fact.

Snowflakes who make fun of old guys wearing VFW or veterans hats need to remember they are smarter and more patriotic than a snowflake will ever dream of being. They lived in fox holes, not mommy’s basement.

Barry Bardone