No value for life

To the editor:

It wasn’t that long ago mass murder didn’t exist and you could safely walk down any street and hardly ever locked your doors.

What changed and what is creating these worthless monsters of today?

In the 1960s, most families attended church, stores were closed on Sunday, there were no video games or cell phones and families got together with friends and relatives.

Family life was important. Then Bill Clinton handed our economy and our jobs to foreign countries, good-paying jobs that once allowed fathers to work and mothers to care for their homes and families disappeared.

Progressive/socialists are now trying to stop our president from bringing those jobs back while they also are keeping President Trump from stopping the invasion that is robbing our youth and unskilled workers of the opportunity of a livelihood. It’s not just farm labor, it’s the fast-food industry, meat packing, factories, roofing, drywall, brick laying and the list goes on and on.

Marriage has been belittled to the point many young couples don’t even get married because progressives have made it more profitable to live together so mom can collect benefits and child support or live on her own in a fatherless home.

Schools no longer tell the real history of America and its greatness.

Few students are taught that many of the soldiers who fought during the American Revolution were black.

Peter Saleem, a black Patriot, Minuteman and soldier, was the hero in the 1775 battle of Bunker Hill. Peter also fought in the battle of Saratoga and Stony Point.

James Armistead, a black patriot and spy, made the 1781 Yorktown victory possible.

How many have been taught the majority of Native Americans fought for the Union, particularly the Cherokees?

The Creek and the Choctaw were large slave owners in the south and were invested in a southern victory in order to preserve the economic prosperity slave ownership brought them.

A total of 625,000 white, black and red Americans died in the Civil War. That’s more Americans than died in both world wars, Korea and Vietnam combined in order to free all Americans.

We are not black, white or red Americans — we are all just plain old Americans, and it shouldn’t matter what shade your skin is.

Welfare has enabled and created many dysfunctional families with no life goals. How many public schools and college professors are more worried about promoting socialism and how to scam for free stuff then actually preparing students?

How many students today are not prepared because of lack of family, a lack of moral values, including the value of a life, after watching adults in government applaud a law that allows the killing of a baby up to or shortly after birth?

It isn’t firearms that are murdering hundreds, it is the culture and lack of education in individuals the progressives, socialists, atheists, communists have created.

The profiles are all the same — godless, fatherless, loners, and isolationists with no support system and no value for life.

Chuck White