Keep Hahn as council at large

To the editor:

While I do not identify with any political party, I have decided to support Kimberly Hahn for a second term of councilwoman at large.

Hahn has responded readily to any concerns I have voiced regarding city issues. I see her as someone who has accomplished much, and she genuinely wants to move our city forward. Her thoughts and plans regarding city revitalization are very progressive, and they are needed at this time in our history as a city.

For example, her efforts to resurrect the marina for our enjoyment have been outstanding. The Aug. 10 Battle of the Bands drew a crowd to the marina, and it was very successful, having raised money for Big Red and Catholic Central.

Hahn responded promptly to concerns about the decadent condition of the playground equipment at the North End Park, and she worked to improve the sign at the entrance with the help of academic dean Daniel Kempton of the Franciscan University of Steubenville. She is planning to improve Beatty Park and Jim Wood Park. She has worked with Lori Fetherolf, our wonderful parks and recreation director, to improve our pool at Belleview Park, along with 5th Ward Councilman Willie Paul, who is ever ready to lend a helping hand, and other volunteers who are too numerous to mention here. They have performed manual labor to beautify the landscape.

The bottom line is that Hahn is a person who takes initiative and applies concrete action to her ideas. If given another term, I know she will work doubly hard to move our city forward. There is still much work to do, and I see Hahn as the woman for the job.

She also has voiced support for the right of the people to speak at the public forum without having to signup each time. She is an approachable candidate who will be an asset to our citizens.

Mary O’Connor



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