Don’t blame Trump for acts of others

To the editor:

Two tragic shootings happened last weekend, one in El Paso, Texas, and one in Dayton. Both of these mass shootings were done by evil young men. Investigations are ongoing into the lives of these two evil men. Both communities are trying to deal with this man-made tragedy. Families and friends are trying to come to terms with the senseless deaths of their loved ones. How are the Democratic politicians helping the communities?

President Trump is being blamed by many Democratic politicians. The only ones who are to blame are the two evil men who committed these crimes. It is wrong to blame others for these horrendous acts of evil. Trump’s plans to visit El Paso and Dayton were met with Democratic politicians telling the president that he was not welcome in those places. What right does Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Howland, have to speak for all the citizens of Ohio? We are subjected to the “Hitler” and “concentration camp” rhetoric referring to the president’s attempt to handle the crisis at our southern border. It is apparent that those Democratic politicians and the people who support them know nothing about Hitler and the Holocaust. Since those people apparently never studied World War II and the Holocaust in school, I suggest that they watch the History Channel, which has excellent programs about Hitler and the Third Reich. Maybe once they understand the pure evil that was done by Hitler and the Third Reich, they will quit making those ignorant comparisons.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fell and fractured his shoulder the day after the mass shootings. He was recovering at home, and I’m sure he was experiencing a lot of discomfort. On Monday night, he and his neighbors were subjected to a two-hour loud, unruly demonstration outside his home. These protesters were yelling about various issues and saying nasty things about this man who was recovering from a major fracture. What right do these protesters have to interrupt this neighborhood and harass a man who recently has suffered a major fracture? Is this civilized behavior?

President Obama made statements that were not acceptable to many of us. He said that “cops are stupid.” Should we blame Obama for all the violence that has happened to the police since he made that statement? If not, why do the Democrats blame Trump for every bad thing that happens in our country?

It has been said that we cannot discuss issues with Democrats as they call us names rather than support their stand on the issues. That happened to me after my July 14 letter to the editor (“Democrats say free, free, free.”) I was called a liar and some other names. Everything that I wrote was shown on the news. Videos do not lie, and I reported what I saw and heard. I suggest that the name-calling should cease, we should discuss the issues in a civilized manner and quit blaming the president for the acts of others.

Michalene A. King