Stop the flow of illegals

To the editor:

On June 8 it was reported by a few news outlets that African’s from the Congo have illegally entered the United States by way of Mexico. The city of San Antonio, where this group of illegals ended up, was looking for French speaking interpreters to assist them.

I found this information disturbing — how was this even possible? To see the details, I did a search, to my surprise this is not the first time this has happened. The Desert Sun, part of USA Today, reported on Sept. 23, 2016, in an article titled “Thousands of African migrates coming to U.S.” and written by Gustavo Solis: “They went to Brazil by boat, through Colombia by foot and Mexico by bus, migrating to the U.S.” In the article it states that “the number of Africans granted asylum in the U.S. since 2010 has grown at a faster rate than those from any other region of the world.”

Who is paying for the passage of these illegals to cross the ocean to arrive in Brazil and make the trek crossing through Colombia and Mexico to arrive here in the United States? This is something our representatives should be looking into, along with the countries that allow illegals to pass through their own to come to ours. Illegals who were apprehended in the last six month total 629,000. Border agents and Homeland Security officials have reported they have reached their breaking point.

One of the duties of our elected representatives is to provide for the safety of our country’s citizens.

The Democrats’ inaction on protecting our borders is treasonous. All of them took an oath to uphold the Constitution — laws are in place which they refuse to enforce. To add to the insanity, the Supreme Court ruled that a question on the 2020 census cannot be asked: Are a citizen?

If this flooding of illegals is allowed to continue American-born and naturalized citizens will be the minority in our own country.

Merica Petrella