Stop the crazy and impeach

To the editor:

Ignorance describes President Trump.

Ignorance describes anyone who chants “Send her back.”

Have differences of opinion on policies and ideals, but do not be a racist.

Almost all of us are immigrants. In this day and age of DNA testing, we should realize how much we all are immigrants. We all bleed red if we we’re cut. How can anyone look at another human being and think they should go back to where they came from?

Be against drug and sex traffickers. Be against those who commit terrorism. Be against those who commit crimes against others, but don’t paint everyone with the same color brush. There are lots of good people in this country who care about others and who respect others, people who believe in being a person who is decent, kind and considerate to all. I respect people’s choices on who they elect into office, but do not understand how anyone can look up to this president. He incites hate.

Make America great again?

We live in a country where we can speak freely, believe in any religion and vote for whomever we want — even Pinocchio, if we want to write him in as a candidate. America is great!

Think about the children who are watching this president.


We are a very diverse country. That’s what makes us great.

Come together, challenge one another. Debate and find resolution. Stop the whole crazy — impeach.

Judy Ruckman

Mingo Junctio