Looking for a witch doctor

To the editor:

In an orgy of frustration to remove President Donald Trump from office, Democrats have stopped at nothing to keep costly investigations going. After the $25 million Mueller report found Trump innocent of Russian influence, litigious liberals and a biased media doggedly persist in claiming Trump guilty of obstruction. He must have done something: Maybe he removed the tag from a mattress or box springs. That’s it. Make enough smoke that folks will think there’s a fire when none exists.

During the 2016 election were there any people you know who claimed they were voting for Trump because of Russian influence? It’s an insult to our citizens to believe this. Why would the Russians try to interfere? Perhaps they tried in futility. But it was only a bumbling candidate that ruined the Democrats’ hopes of winning. After all, Hillary Clinton approved a deal for Russia to buy a large quantity of our uranium while she served as secretary of state. Who knows for what purpose? Thirty-three thousand of her e-mails mysteriously disappeared, and only Russia, China and North Korea know what they contained — questions about Chelsea’s wedding gown, no doubt.

The United States has far greater concerns than meddling. There is not a shred of evidence that even one vote cast for president was swayed as a result. Major security problems take priority over petty concerns that there was foreign interference in our elections. Espionage by major powers is overlooked. You’ve seen the Chinese, for instance, manage to cop many of our top secrets regarding guided missile capability. They have been stealing our plans for jet fighters, naval ships and our computers and electrical grid.

China hopes to surpass us to be the No. 1 world power by 2050. It is trying to assert claims to the South China Sea making it a region under its complete control. The Russians have set up a base in Syria and are supporting a dictatorial regime in Venezuela. Meanwhile they are developing advanced nuclear weapons capable of taking out our aircraft carrier groups. The Iranians are threatening to send us back to the 17th century by destroying our electrical grid with nuclear weapons, which without proper oversight of this hostile regime, are certain to be developed.

These concerns are cause for real alarm as opposed to meddling in our elections.

For pitiable souls obsessed with Russian collusion, a witch doctor from any of the morally equivalent cultures found throughout the world might possibly be imported to collectively administer a massive cerebral enema, thereby exorcising the demons of muddled thought.

Russian meddling? What else is new?

Gail Wickstrom



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