Democrats say free, free, free

To the editor:

President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, challenged us to “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” As I listen to the Democratic candidates for president, all I hear is “Free, free, free.” What are these free giveaways and how will they benefit the middle class?

These candidates are offering free college tuition, free community college and forgiven college loans, even for students who majored in subjects that have a limited job market. Many middle-class families were not eligible to receive government support to attend college. Will middle class families receive any help now? Will we receive a rebate for the money we paid?

Democrats propose Medicare for all, including illegal aliens, and want to abolish other health insurance plans. Will everyone have to pay for Medicare Part B that retired people must pay now? What about the supplemental health plans that retired people must purchase to make up for what Medicare does not cover? Will those plans be abolished?

One candidate will give every person 18 and older $1,000 a month, paid for by a value added tax on goods that we buy. What percentage will the value added tax be? What if the value added tax exceeds the $1,000 that we receive each month? How does that $1,000 benefit middle-class citizens?

One candidate will give free home down payments and closing costs as reparations for slavery to African Americans who want to purchase a home. Some economists have predicted that this will lead to the same problems that tanked the economy in 2008 after many people defaulted on their mortgages.

Abortions can be performed at any time from conception until after birth, even when the child is born alive. Abortions will be available to transgender persons, but the mechanisms for this have not been explained. Will taxpayer money fund those abortions?

What is the stance of Democrats on illegal aliens who are flooding our border? One candidate stated that the drought in those countries which led to poverty is due to global warming in the United States. That is the reason that we should welcome these people into our country. We know nothing about these illegal aliens, including their health history or any communicable diseases they may be carrying. We don’t know if they have any health problems that could be exacerbated by their journey to our border. Why won’t the Democrats fund border security? Why are the Democrats criticizing the accommodations that we are supplying for these illegal aliens? Why don’t they want ICE to deport illegal aliens who have a court order to be removed?

Some states run by Democratic governors now give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Do these illegal aliens have to pass a written test, a skills test and an eye test like citizens must pass in order to be granted the privilege to drive?

What happened to the Democratic party of President Kennedy? I guess it has “progressed.”

Michalene A. King