Corruption at its best

To the editor:

Do you know what’s coming up this week? Tomorrow is the deadline for our government’s scientists to move to Kansas City or be fired. Why? They have a report on global warming that President Donald Trump doesn’t want released because he doesn’t believe in global warming. This will affect up to 90 percent of our scientists. It will cost taxpayers up to $189 million for this move to a place that is not even set up. Hundreds of families will be uprooted and our tax dollars (which we don’t have) being spent due to the wrath of disagreeing with him. The scientists have formed a union to fight this unreasonable demand. Did you see Anchorage just had a record high of 90?

On Wednesday, Robert Mueller will be testifying before congressional committees. This is for all of us to watch so you know what his report really said.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, a former federal attorney in Florida, is guilty of letting a sex offender, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, avoid prison time for sex trafficking of minors and not notifying the girls of the shady agreement. Thank heaven for honest people in New York who have now arrested Epstein to face charges. What does this president say? “I feel bad for Mr. Acosta,” who should also go to jail. Why does he always “feel bad” for sex offenders, pedophiles, KKK members, white supremacists, wife beaters, corrupt politicians and racists? Corruption at its best for the wealthy.

Then there was our Independence Day celebration, another holiday he doesn’t understand. It was not about any war. This was a day in history when 13 American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. Remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence? It’s a day when every other president avoided any political agenda. What did we get? A rambling speech he could barely read, about a Continental Army and when our army took over the airports. What? Those horses really had wings? It’s another embarrassment for the world to see.

This spectacle cost taxpayers $92 million because he wanted a military showing like his BFF’s, communist leaders Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un. No American president has ever demanded a military showing. Couldn’t he have gone to Mar A Lago for $3 million? That’s what it costs taxpayers every time he goes golfing.

I think I’ve figured out his meaning of the swamp. It’s us. He spends our tax dollars like it’s his private checkbook. He already has raised our national debt by more than $2 trillion in just two years. He’s filed bankruptcy six times between 1991 and 2009. Is our nation next?

Linda Caputo