We deserve better for president

To the editor:

A couple of weeks ago, almost everyone was out placing flowers and wreaths on their loved ones graves and honoring our deceased veterans. My dad was a Marine. My husband was Navy, and many of our friends served during the Vietnam era.

Where was our president on Memorial Day?

Totally ignoring our national holiday. He was playing golf in Japan, telling the Navy to cover up the name of John McCain on a ship, telling Japan he’s not worried about North Korea shooting missiles that could hit them and contemplating a pardon for a soon-to-be accused war criminal. What a sucker punch to our men and women who serve our country. Every single one of you veterans should be disgusted by this five-time draft dodger who saluted a North Korean general.

Thanks, Japan, for babysitting him on our Memorial Day. Who will take him for our Independence Day? Kim? Vlad?

This week, the poor United Kingdom put up with him. Before he even got there he made remarks about Theresa May not taking his advice on how to run their country, called Duchess Megan Markle “nasty” and said he wouldn’t be visiting with London Mayor Khan, calling him a “stone cold loser” who has done a “terrible job.”

Before landing, he called for boycotting AT&T (CNN is a division of ATT) because he didn’t think CNN was covering the trip good enough.

For those of you who watch the fake news station, our Congress has supported passing laws to secure our elections from outside interference, but the Senate won’t vote on it. They also agreed to immigration reform last year but the president wouldn’t sign it.

They also voted against weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, but he is going around them and sending more than $8 billion worth of arms, despite human rights concerns, to the same people who attacked the United States on 911 and murdered and cut up a journalist into pieces.

And, the Mueller report did list 10 obstructions as stated in part two of the report. His report was to state facts so Congress can do its job.

He calls himself an “extremely stable genius” saying windmills cause cancer, that California should rake their forests like Finland to prevent forest fires, for Paris to use “flying water tankers” to put out the Notre Dame fire and saying “there is really no name” for the White House in his 2018 Easter egg roll speech, calling it “this house, or building or whatever you wanna call it because there really is no name for it.”

This is not fake news, people. Look it up. He really said these things.

As we celebrate our Independence Day on July 4, may we reflect upon what our country truly stands for. We deserve a president who is intelligent, decent, honest, empathetic, treats everyone equally, knows how government works, respects our laws and has our backs instead of big business.

Linda Caputo