Toronto flags are beautiful

To the editor:

Recently, I read an article about the flags in Toronto that had the pictures of veterans on them. I think that is a beautiful thing that the city did to honor and recognize these men and women who served this great country.

I immigrated to the United States in 1967. Although I was never in the service, I would have gone to Vietnam if asked. A lot of people who are reading this would say, “yeah, right,” but, honestly, I knew I was ready for the draft before I came to the United States. I was told in the American embassy in London when I went for my physical. My kinfolk told me not to go, but I wanted to be an American.

My dad was in the British Merchant Navy, and he told stories of taking people to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He said that coming back from these countries, there always were immigrants coming back to Britain. Well, he said when people went to the United States, they never came back. My dad wanted to come to this country before I was even born, but my mother wouldn’t go.

I was in a church when one of Toronto’s heroes was being laid to rest. I told my son that when a casket passes by, you salute the coffin, which my son and I gave a salute. I was later told that I should not have saluted the coffin, the reason being that I was not in the service. But to me, a salute is a gesture of respect. So, if I offended anyone by doing so, I apologize.

So, to the people of Toronto, take a step forward and take a bow, because you deserve it.

John “Scotty” Littlejohn