Our veterans deserve better

To the editor:

McCarthyism is back again and here in the Valley.

Reading recent letters to the editor in the past weeks, I could not help but take note of the number of times that people have been attacked as being communist or socialist.

To the misinformed, everything that they disagree with is communism. A walk on a public beach, communism. Accepting Social Security when you retire, communism. Asking for a new school for your children, communism. All of these things at their base at least have the government involved at some point. So even though the accuser sounds like a deranged Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling, they at least have a mole hill to make a mountain out of.

Recently, there has not even been a mole hill in sight.

About a month ago the people of the Jefferson County Democratic Progressive Coalition were kind enough to donate wreathes to our veterans after they lost theirs in a fire. Hank Segle, a man of great honor who served our country in Vietnam, thanked the organization for their contribution. Instead of putting aside our political differences and being Americans, this, too, was fuel for an attack to the McCarthyists. They spat out their hatred, crying that now the communists had infiltrated our veterans. I could not find a greater insult to the courage of our men and women in uniform, nor the dignity of our great country.

To these radical right wingers, caring about our country is a luxury reserved only for them. In reality, in the trying times and sphere of political divisiveness we live in we could all use a few more donations to local charities and civic groups in need and a lot less name calling. I would enjoy to know what action those McCarthyists took to help their country, because we certainly know the contributions of those they attack.

Even though the donation of a few wreaths is nothing compared to the sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform, it is a gesture of support and love for them and for our country. To be attacked for being “communist” while helping care for our veterans here at home is both sickening and delusional, especially considering some of them fought against an actual communist threat abroad.

Communism is the creation of a state where the state owns and controls the means of production. Thankfully, nobody with any real power in America is trying to do that, even though there are many voices who would try to tell you otherwise. We should all be striving for an America that strengthens our commitments to freedom, security and democracy. It is a shame that we all cannot at the very least be on the same page with that. Our veterans deserve better. America deserves better.

Kaleb Knowlton

Mingo Junction


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