Nurses of the Third Reich

To the editor:

The documentary video “Caring Corrupted: The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich” (on YouTube) describes the process by which caring professionals were convinced to kill vulnerable persons. The Nazis based their beliefs on the Eugenics theory developed in the United States. Eugenics categorized people according to certain criteria and supported such procedures as involuntary sterilization to rid the country of future generations of people who were deemed “unfit.”

The Nazi propaganda campaign included calling certain people inferior and “unworthy of life.” Their first step was to convince parents of handicapped children to give their children to the government to care for them. These children were eventually killed. The propaganda then extended to other groups of people such as those with mental illnesses. These killings were done by the medical professionals who were supposed to be caring for these vulnerable people. The nurses did not start by killing people, but began first by accompanying the people to the place where they would be killed. After a period of time, the nurses would be asked to assist with the killing. Eventually the nurses did the actual killing. Nurses and doctors performed inhumane experiments on people in the concentration camps and participated in the killings there. The Nazis dehumanized these people and convinced the medical professionals that it was in the best interest of these people and Germany to kill them. I see many parallels to the abortion movement in our country.

In the beginning the pro-abortionists dehumanized babies. They told us that unborn babies were just a glob of cells and called them fetuses or embryos. Once sonograms showed us actual small human beings, we were told that these babies could not live unless they were born close to term and that they did not feel pain. Babies as early as 23 weeks gestation (second trimester) are now living because of medical intensive care. Sonograms that are done during abortions reveal that babies attempt to get away from the suction catheter that will dismember them during the abortion. Now the pro-abortion movement insists that they be called “pro-choice” and their mantra is that the government is trying to control women’s bodies. Groups of women and some men attend demonstrations wearing hats and costumes that depict female body parts. They carry signs stating that the government shall not have control over their bodies. They talk about women’s health and describe abortion as health care. This movement no longer talks about the vulnerable human beings who are killed by abortion.

President Trump and his followers have been called Nazis by many people. Where is the evidence that President Trump has launched a propaganda campaign to radicalize our thinking about abortion? I challenge everyone to watch the video. Do you see any parallels? The video discusses what the future could mean for us. Who may be the next people dehumanized and vulnerable to killing? The disabled? The elderly? You?

Michalene King



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