A mother’s love is unconditional

To the editor:

I can still remember the day when the doctor said those words, “you’re pregnant.” The love for this little miracle encompassed my entire being down to my very soul. I was the one chosen to be his first love, and the first to feel his life.

As my baby grew for the next nine months beneath my heart and under my ribs, I would talk to him, sing to him and embraced my swollen belly with each of his movements. His birth was so easy, like he couldn’t wait to enter the world and meet this lady he would call mom. Like all moms I counted his fingers and toes, kissed his sweet smelling forehead and put his life in God’s hands. What I wished for my child was no different than the wishes of a mother of a straight child, that he be healthy, be loved and find happiness and acceptance in this world. You see, my baby was born gay.

At age 21 he came to me and told me. He was crying, scared and frightened that I would turn my back on him, stop loving him, like so many other parents had done to their child. I hugged him and said “You were a special miracle placed in my womb by love. There are no books, churches or people walking this earth that could ever change my love for you. You are a wonderful person ruled by a good heart, mind and conscience. Never forget, God does not make mistakes, and you were made exactly the way you were supposed to be. He loved you so much before he sent you to this Earth, so he made sure he found you the perfect family.”

My son graduated summa cum laude from Bethany College with dual degrees in Spanish and international economics. He received his MBA from Ohio State University, graduating summa cum laude with dual majors in finance and international relations. All of his higher education was paid for through academic scholarships. Currently, he is a vice president at Teva Pharmaceuticals and recently married. He gives credit for all his success to his loving family and God.

To all of you who condemned my child to hell, and who have called him a sinner, I’ve watched as you hid your hate behind quotes from the Bible, quotes that you interpreted and re-wrote to fit your needs. Remember, you do not know what life holds for you.

Every night before I go to sleep, I pray to God, if a gay baby is created tonight, please give him or her to the right parents.

Denise Galownia

Mingo Junction