What are we closed to?

To the editor:

The president stated last weekend that America is closed.

What does that mean? Closed? Walled off from the rest of the world? Closed to new ideas? Closed to new discoveries? Closed to love, compassion, diversity?

It is no secret that this administration has leaned hard into isolating our country from the wider world since his blood-and-carnage inauguration address. He has sowed the seeds of fear and hate. He has fed his base a steady diet of anger toward other people who do not look or think the same as them.

He has embraced killers as friends and pushed long-standing allies away.

He seems to be following an old playbook that has never worked, Isolationism.

The country that literally walls itself from the rest of the world is left to wither and die. A country isolated can not lead and shape the world, but only react after the fact. America was once a respected and admired country, a country that led the world by being a shining example of freedom and justice. Sure, we stumbled, struggled and made mistakes, but we as a nation and our elected leaders knew that by working together with each other and our allies that we could get it right.

Now we have a president who tells the world in words and actions that he doesn’t want or need them (except for the countries that can make him and his family richer. Looking at you, Saudi Arabia).

He has surrounded himself with toadies and yes men who are loyal to him, not the constitution.

Every day he chips away at our nation’s foundations, a chunk here, a chunk there until we are left alone floating adrift on dangerous waters as the rest of the world passes us by and we become one of those “s”-hole countries he loves to ridicule.

Barbara Davis



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