Crime still an issue

To the editor:

I saw the news reports about the First Friday on Fourth events and read about the restoration of the old Grand Theater, and I thought, how wonderful it would be if Steubenville could be brought back to the way it was long ago.

When I was young, we would go shopping in downtown Steubenville. Mom would do the shopping, and my sisters and I would tag along. There were always a lot of people and cars, trucks and buses. There was never anything to worry about besides hanging onto mom, so we didn’t get lost. I really didn’t like the diesel fumes, though.

On a rare occasion we would even go in a restaurant to eat. What a treat.

Then, when we got older, it was the place to go for prom dresses and even wedding gowns.

The downtown area has declined during the years, as have most downtown areas, but I was happy to hear about the events they are having now.

Then, on April 5, they had another shooting just down the street from the First Friday events. I wish I had faith that downtown Steubenville will thrive again but, sadly, it can not happen until they get the crime under control.

Good luck, Steubenville.

Margaret (Evanosky) Dowdell



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