What about the planet?

To the editor:

I know of lots of people who are single-issue voters. Most of those voters vote “pro life” but are they really pro life when they oppose abortion but don’t care that due largely to human activity we are killing our planet? If we make our planet inhospitable to life, does abortion really matter?

Did you know that not only 97 percent of climate scientists agree that the climate warming trend during the past century is because of humans, and more than 200 scientific organizations worldwide agree and have issued statements endorsing those scientific findings? I’m not making up those figures, they come from NASA.

Greenland has lost 281 billion tons of ice per year between 1993-2016. Antarctica has lost 119 billion tons per year during that same time. It’s causing rising sea levels at a drastically alarming rate. Not only are sea levels rising, but because of humans emitting more carbon dioxide emissions every year, it is increasing the acidification of the oceans. During the past century the acid level has increased 30 percent, and the upper levels of the ocean are being forced to absorb more and more emissions every year. What happens when the seas can no longer sustain life beneath its surface?

With the deregulation spree this administration is on things will only get worse. Allowing dumping of coal sludge and other industrial by-products into creeks and rivers will soon jeopardize our supply of clean drinking water . Will your “Pro Life” bumper sticker protect our water? Will allowing more smog and air pollution into our atmosphere really be a good thing for business when cancer clusters start popping up and people are dying because it’s not safe to breathe the air? Will you have a “Pro Life” March to protect those lives?

We have only one planet. There is no Planet B. If we don’t protect Mother Earth, who will?

Barbara Davis