Progressives have bad agenda

To the editor:

Enough is enough. The media cannot minimize or conceal the harsh facts from the public any longer. The truth be told, even if it’s not pretty.

Progressive communists cry and throw tantrums about children being torn from illegal alien mothers at the border, but laugh when third-trimester babies are literally torn apart physically during birth. This garbage it’s about a woman’s health is just that, garbage. When a living baby is removed from the mother, it’s no longer about her health. Murdering the child at that time doesn’t make the woman any healthier. These murderers of the innocent expect a reasonable person to believe that the hundreds of thousands of abortions yearly by Planned Parenthood are done because of a life-or-death condition of the mother? Maybe we should allow this slaughter to the age of 3. A woman can claim a headache because of the terrible 2’s period.

Progressives want scientific facts, here’s one: Babies in third trimester feel pain. When progressive assassins prick themselves with a needle they cry and seek a bandage. Imagine their pleas if an arm was ripped off or their head was crushed.

These phony Dumocrats can’t handle facts because facts confound them, and are contrary to their rhetoric. Here’s some that should be disturbing to everyone: Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a racist and elitist and consultant to the KKK. Her plan was to eliminate at birth those she thought not fit to live and at the top of her list were blacks. Here’s her plan in action. For 2016 in New York City, more black babies were aborted than born; 30 percent to 35 percent of abortions are black babies; blacks make up only 14 percent of the population, but accounted for 47,718, or 49 percent, of all abortions; and black women in their 20s aborted at a rate of 85.2 percent.

Planned Parenthood refuses to publish their market share in New York City abortions. According to Dumocrats, especially in Virginia, murdering a child at birth is fine, as long the killer is not in blackface or KKK robes.

I thank local atheists for listing progressive communists’ demands — it guarantees Trump’s re-election. The one about decriminalizing drug use and then use money on treatment is mind-boggling. Yeah, let’s get more hooked on drugs so we can pay more to treat them. Talk about dope. These snowflakes want $20 an hour. They already live with mommy and don’t work — what more do they want?

I’m still waiting on a list from Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Coalition how their lives are worse under Trump. I demand what they demand — facts — not an atheist fantasy list. Some cult naysayers write about things they know nothing about and condemn community building enterprises that are seen as political.

Progressives ruin everything they touch. It took the Boy Scouts 106 years to build its reputation and only five years for progressives to destroy it, when BSA declared bankruptcy.

Barry Bardone



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