Many components to women’s health

To the editor:

Someone unfamiliar with our health care system might believe that the main component of women’s health care is abortion. Women’s health care contains many components including prevention strategies and diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect women.

Pro-abortion activists want you to believe that prior to Roe v. Wade (1973) women could only receive “back alley abortions performed with coat hangers.” This is not true. As a student at the Ohio Valley Hospital School of Nursing from 1969-72, my classmates and I cared for a woman who underwent a legal abortion by a physician in the hospital. This abortion was performed after a thorough evaluation and was recommended for the health of the mother. This was prior to Roe v. Wade (1973) and was legal.

A “celebrity” has distributed a video in which she is discussing her own abortion with young people. She states that it is like going to the dentist. She explained that a straw was placed inside her and the fetus removed. She failed to tell them that the “straw” was actually a suction catheter which ripped the baby apart and sucked the pieces into a container that was later disposed of as medical waste. This is just one type of abortion procedure that is done in our country.

There is controversy about a law in one state that would require a physician who performs abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital in case a woman needs to be admitted. Abortion is a surgical procedure. Any surgical procedure can have complications, even procedures that are deemed as minor. I worked in the recovery room for several years and saw many surgical complications. Do abortion clinics have the equipment and properly trained staff to care for women who experience complications? Why has this law now gone to the Supreme Court?

Recently many of us became aware of several states such as New York that have passed laws allowing abortion in the third trimester up to birth. To justify this law in Virginia (which failed to pass), Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, explained that the baby is born, resuscitated and comforted. The mother and the physician then decide the fate of the baby. If the baby is allowed to live, it will be taken to the nursery and receive care. What happens to the baby if it is decided that the baby will die? Is the baby left without any care until it dies of neglect or is the baby killed? How is the baby killed? Does the physician insert scissors into its neck and cut the spinal cord as Dr. Kermit Gosnell did at his abortion clinic? How can this not be seen as murder–the killing of an innocent?

Women’s health care actually has many components and sadly one of them is abortion on demand. It is my hope that more people will take a serious look at abortion and that new laws will be passed to protect the unborn.

Michalene King