Black History Month in America 2019

To the editor:

Generation after generation we exhibit the pride associated with our forefathers.

Black history education has yet to become part of the American mainstream curriculum. When knowledge is taught of the amazing accomplishments, with the dignity and respect deserved, the youth of our next generation will know the pride associated with being an African-American citizen.

Recently, I was enlightened by a poetic video, where the couple spoke the others’ truth. Feeling ostracized when only slavery was taught in class (the extent of African-American history) was as painfully expressed by a child of the 1990s as it was by myself born in the 1960s.

It was in adulthood my appreciation of so many American heroes was introduced through teaching Black history to my children, at home.

To be deprived of the opportunity of education also is part of our shameful history in this country. Implementing the full truth and understanding of our cultural evolution, inevitably, will empower the next generation of American children. All of America’s children.

I think of the many, many names that will be written, such as Thurgood Marshall, and I wonder how brief the biography will be. This man by example, set forth to accomplish constitutional rights be upheld for all of America. How would any child feel to know his story, as it should be written, and the contributions that were made to improve society.

We, as a people have persevered through time, overcoming any and all obstacles put forth. There’s the belief that to be recognized as the best, you had to exceed the standard of the best. This was — and is — the foundation instilled in a proud people.

These values are not commonly expressed due to the ignorance of the true African-American culture. Values that always were taught by mothers and fathers and many community leaders — our everyday heroes, living among us.

The beauty of America is the integration of all people, all nationalities, from all countries and cultures, the melting pot. It is the soul which brings all of us together, in celebration, in sorrow and in love.

The appreciation of diversity begins with knowledge, one person at a time, as we all wake up in America 2019.

Maureen Howard