AFP offers place for discussion

To the editor:

Two weekends ago, I had the chance to attend an open house presented by Americans for Prosperity in downtown Steubenville showcasing their new office and to discuss their plan of action to improve the way of life of the community they seek to serve. Both Ron Ferguson and Michael Segrest, leaders within AFP, presented opportunities for the community to get involved whether that be in activism or educational programs.

I was particularly moved to see leadership from all levels of government present for this event. From Steubenville Mayor Jerry Barilla to state Sen. Frank Hoagland, R-Mingo Junction, it speaks volumes that they were present to show support for such a venture in the area. It also was encouraging that AFP allowed them the chance to hear and address issues brought up by their constituents. One can disagree politically with the ideas presented by AFP or those involved; however, it is an important aspect of a free society to have respectful discussions on the issues so solutions can be found. Our political leadership can’t do the duties we elected them for if they are not active in the discussion the populace is having, and we, citizens, should not be hesitant to be a participant in those conversations.

To reiterate, the opening of this office is a great opportunity for the area and can become more than it was envisioned with the participation of the community.

Oscar Herrera