Actions of James questioned

To the editor:

As pro basketball superstar LeBron James apparently has long become quite accustomed to living an incredibly celebrated existence, reportedly earning approximately $100 million while still in his teenage years even before he signed his first National Basketball Association contract with his “hometown” Cleveland Cavaliers, and being referred to as “King James” and the “Chosen One,” it appears that James has not fully been held accountable for actions he has taken and decisions he has made professionally that may have resulted in having an adverse affect on others, perhaps unintentionally, that would have a negative impact on most others, but for which James has remained unscathed, and he continues to be virtually exempt from critical public scrutiny, as are others who have reached the pinnacle of celebrity status.

It appears that James,who is obviously quite intelligent, well-spoken, accessible and very generous with his time and has donated vast sums of money to benefit those in need, should be, and is, lauded for such actions, his obvious disloyalties are often overlooked.

Following his first seven seasons as the “hometown hero” of the Cleveland fans, he decided to abandon his hometown team and its fans for what he considered to be “greener pastures” for South Beach, signing with the Miami Heat, stating that he, and his new teammates, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, would win a minimum of seven NBA championships with his new team in a widely viewed public spectacle called “The Decision” that was seen as totally disrespectful to the Cleveland franchise and its loyal fans.

Although, upon his announcement, James promised a minimum of seven championships, he decided to leave after four successful seasons, including two championships, reportedly in large part as a result of his perceived lack of deference and reverence shown to him by Heat hierarchy, in particular Heat executive Pat Riley, who is a highly successful head coach and equally respected executive on the NBA level, in order to return to his hometown team, the Cavs.

Upon his return to Cleveland, James informed fans that this would be his last stop in his basketball odyssey; however, four years later, he again disappointed the Cleveland fans by opting out of the final year of his contract to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, prior to the 2018-19 season. This following the Cavs ownership doing everything it possible could to satisfy James, including the firing of coach David Blatt, whose record that season with the Cavs prior to his dismissal was 30-11, a 73.3 winning percentage, and their hiring Tyronn Lue, who always appeared willingly subservient to LeBron, made trades per his instructions and consistently had one of the highest payrolls in NBA history to complement King James.

It has been obvious that when James signs with a team he also insists on being the de-facto head coach and general manager, and as a player who professes to play every position, making all other teammates simply glorified role players in the “World of King James.”

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry