Trump disabling operations

To the editor:

Many people who support Trump ask “Why don’t you give him a chance? Why does the press and others have something to dispute with his every word?” Well, for starters, let’s take his cabinet picks:

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has no foreign or military experience. Trump wouldn’t take the advice of Gen. James Mattis. Now Trump says he’ll go it alone, without any generals influencing his decisions. How do you feel about that? Safe? Maybe we can rely on Jared and Ivanka to keep the peace.

Acting Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt, a former fossil fuels lobbyist, is replacing Ryan Zinke, a real winner himself, who is mired with many investigations of misconduct in office. Bernhardt represented Taylor Energy who helped leak hundreds of barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico for 14 years. Do you think he will be looking out for our welfare?

Wilbur Ross, the secretary of commerce, swore to divest himself from all stocks and has yet to do so. He is the same Wilbur Ross who rubs elbows with Russian oligarchs and advises Russian banks.

Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget and acting chief of the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau, keeps annual reports invisible from the public. Another department under this administration that may be even worse at keeping information away from our eyes is the Environmental Protection Agency.

The person who Trump picked to head the EPA was Scott Pruitt, well known for his past lawsuits with the agency, and who was forced to resign for over-spending department money. He was replaced with Andrew Wheeler, another climate change denier and corporate lapdog whose main job is to negate all clean air rules. Together they have managed to do away with restrictions on Monsanto a company that makes cancer-causing pesticides. Under Trump’s command the EPA is now easing restrictions on radiation in the name of lowering costs for corporate polluters. Radiation. Really?

And, don’t get me started on the secretary of state, secretary of education and attorney general. Most all have resigned or have been replaced in less than two years. As soon as one refuses to break the law, they find themselves dismissed. Even Trumps generals are gone, one after the other. This should speak volumes to his willingness to dismantle all agencies and their operations even if it causes us harm.

It’s a crime of governance. This administration is plagued with insider trading and will not permit any oversight whatsoever of possible wrongdoing, even allowing Russian interference and attacking our democracy from within. Can you say “Manchurian Candidate?”

Kathy Antinone