Many helped in Mingo

To the editor:

Mingo Social Services distributions for Thanksgiving and Christmas was a success, thanks to all of those that contributed to make it possible.

Thanks to Harmony United Methodist Church, St. Agnes Church, St. Andrews Russian Orthodox Church, Serbian Orthodox Church, the Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Riesbeck’s, Ohio River Collieries Co., McBane Insurance, JSW Steel, Dollar General, Wheeler Funeral Home, VFW Post 10698, Petrozzi Capital Trust, DiCarlo-Snyder Distribution, Mingo Pharmacy, Pesta Market, Ohio Comp, Mary Martha Circle Methodist Church, Indian Creek Junior High School, Indian Creek Elementary School, Ernest and Faith Zambon, Keith McKelvey, Virginia DiBerardino, Fred and Sharon Kolopajlo, Barb Jackson, James and Loretta Huggins, Janice Morracco, Stanley and Frances Matthews, Joanne Sogan, Stanley Sogan, Louis and Helen Hlabrezhi, Mingo Lions Club, John and Sue Edgerly, Mr. and Mrs. Rich Edgerly, Bill and Karen Bigler, Frank Million, Barb Kaufmann, Joyce White, Paula Diorio, Rosalie Chambers, Donna Anderson, Joan Bell, Glenna and William Weith and Dr. and Mrs. William Johns.

I would like to thank all of my volunteers: Judy Eddy, Denise Bennington, Eileen Nestor, Dorothy and Ken Mazik, Champ Harper, Jim “Spooks” McClung, Kristen Wheeler-Kurner, Sharon Kolopajlo, Pastor Sam Davis, Nick DiCarlo, Brandon Fleming, Brandon DiCarlo, Linda Caputo, Mike Adams, Harry and Kathy Brockway, Chief John Wright and crew, Mingo Service and Water departments, members of Harmony United Methodist Church, Cathy Risdon, Gianna Lemal, Lora Erwin, Sidney Bennington, Barb Kaufmann and Joyce White.

God bless you.

Sophia Schoolcraft


Mingo Social Services