It’s just a cat … or is it?

To the editor:

My house is for sale. I can’t take my cat to my new home. Back in November, I called upon Jefferson County Humane Society to take my cat, knowing this time would come. He is on the adoption list, but they are not eager to take him considering his age, never mind my situation.

The alternative is having my cat put down at my vet. To some, he’s just a cat — to me he’s been a good cat.

Is the purpose of the Jefferson County Humane Society only to scoop up strays from our streets? My wife and I adopted four cats from them and paid a fee for each and now I’m asking to return one of them in desperate need of his life, but there is no room at the inn. Do taxpayers support this organization? I’m a senior citizen Jefferson County taxpayer who will be put through the grief of having my companion put down, having to leave Wintersville with an unnecessary expense of a vet bill.

The Jefferson County Humane Society can take my cat into their facility as well as scoop up strays from our streets. If not, why not?

Ken Nelson