Ohio Senate must step up

To the editor:

Ohio is in trouble and our representatives in the Ohio Legislature are only making things worse. With all of the serious issues facing our state, GM closing the Lordstown factory, infrastructure crumbling, the opioid problem and our tumbling ranking in education, there is plenty that our elected officials in Columbus could be working on to help the citizens of Ohio see better days ahead.

Sadly, the Republican-controlled Ohio House has other issues on their agenda — the dangerous stand-your-ground bill, and making abortion illegal after six weeks and the latest SB 250, sponsored by the valley’s own Sen. Frank Hoagland, R-Mingo Junction, which will change a simple trespassing misdemeanor into a felony for people protesting environmental issues like fracking and pipelines. It seems he is more concerned about his big donors possibly being inconvenienced over Ohio citizens First Amendment rights.

My question to Hoagland and his Republican Party is how do any of these bills make life better for Ohioans? Do they increase wages? Do they create or save jobs? Do they protect pensions? Not one of these bills does anything to improve living conditions of Ohio citizens, but they do keep your base happy and keep your donors stuffing your campaigns with cash, and we know that’s really all you care about.

Barbara Davis