Kindness shows spirit of Christmas

To the editor:

I have fond memories of growing up in Steubenville. I came back to Steubenville from Los Angeles for the holidays. On Dec. 23, I made a run to Wal-Mart in the morning to beat the holiday rush, going into a line with just one customer in front of me. He was an older gentleman who had difficulty seeing. He had a cart full of Christmas presents and food. He proceeded to pay with a card then the remainder in cash. However, the balance he owed after the card was $91. He did not have enough, so he proceeded to return items — all of it was food, not the Christmas presents. I was so moved that he was sacrificing his food instead of the presents.

Another customer in line then approached the cashier and asked if she could pay for him — it was Christmas after all. Her giving generosity reflected the true meaning of Christmas. As a witness, I was a sobbing mess and at the same time so proud to be in a town that looks out for one another. I was so touched by her kindness — it truly represented the spirit of Christmas.

Tina Chinakarn

Los Angeles