Catholic education was right choice

To the editor:

Last summer, Carrie and I made the decision to enroll two of our children in school after 11 years of home schooling. We were understandably anxious as our son would enter sixth grade and our daughter 10th grade. We wondered how they would do academically and if they’d successfully integrate socially. Still, we felt God had put this intention on our hearts and he proceeded to open doors for us as we investigated Steubenville Catholic schools as our educational option.

We were grateful for the generous amount of time Principals Tom Costello at Catholic Central High School and Theresa Danaher at Bishop Mussio Junior High gave us in answering questions and helping prepare us and our children for this transition.

Having completed a third of this academic year, we are absolutely sure God has ordained this decision for his glory and our children’s benefit. The blessings of Steubenville Catholic Schools continue to delight and inspire us. The faculty and staff have welcomed our children with great enthusiasm and support. We have witnessed a faith-filled environment supportive of our parenting values and the academic goals we have for our children. We’ve witnessed beautiful student-led holy hours; daily and weekly Mass attended by students, faculty and staff; and a school-wide service day at the high school committed to serving the area.

The academic rigors at the schools are shaping our children for a bright future. The new Chesterton Academy at Catholic Central has been the perfect fit for our daughter. This classical curriculum has opened a whole world of ancient literature, ancient history, philosophy and Latin while challenging her in math and science. Her natural scholarly ambitions are fed by this intense, but inspiring, program. We’ve been so pleased to see our daughter work so hard and reap so much from this curriculum. God placed this opportunity in our lives at just the right moment and the blessings that have come from choosing Steubenville Catholic Schools have only just begun to manifest themselves.

We are immensely grateful to Steubenville Catholic Schools. Our heartfelt thanks go to Danaher and the Rev. James Dunfee, pastoral administrator at Mussio; and Thomas Costello, Assistant Principal Jude Lucas and the Rev. Michael Gossett, chaplain at Central; and to the incredible faculty and staff at both schools for the fantastic Christian example they are to our children. They challenge and inspire our children in faith and reason. These men and women give and personally sacrifice for the benefit of their students and it is an investment of sacrifice so often under appreciated. We are also grateful to Paul Ward, director of Christian formation and schools for the diocese, for his leadership in the academic and spiritual formation of students at Steubenville Catholic Schools.

Deciding to make this change in our children’s education was not arrived at lightly, but choosing Steubenville Catholic Schools has brought with it a rich blessing of community support from school personnel and the families they serve. We are deeply grateful for such a welcome.

John Libetti

Mingo Junction