Be thankful for what you have

To the editor:

On this Thanksgiving, let’s take time to be thankful and appreciate what we have. Realize others in our own hometown of Steubenville don’t have half as much.

Living in the LaBelle “nonconservation” area, we see the effects of poverty every day.

So many are jobless or on fixed incomes.

Many don’t have utilities … gas, electric and, of course, water. Some don’t have refrigerators and stoves.

We see kids after school only able to buy chips and a drink. Some will steal, as young as 10 years old. And they steal daily, a cake, ice cream, whatever they can.

Some families don’t have a bed or a chair; and are happy to be under a roof. Many end up seeking shelter in our local community. Surely they would be unable to buy a home. If they can rent one they are one of the privileged.

We see young and old with no coats or good shoes. Some have no change of clothes.

Kids play football and basketball on the street because Pizza Pie Park was closed due to gunshots. The gunshots didn’t stop. The kids just stand everywhere on every block. Some took to “gangs” damaging property by spray painting graffiti, shooting BB guns breaking windows on cars and buildings, breaking newly planted trees and blocking traffic.

Trash is thrown everywhere.

There is no park with a splash pad in the area, and surely no one has a pool in their back yard.

Most don’t drive or have a car. Getting to the agencies that can help with assistance is difficult, because they are not within walking distance. A taxi trip to the hospital is $5 one way.

You can’t help everyone all the time, but you can help one person at a time.

Be thankful.

Vincetta Tsouris