Many holes in Ford’s testimony

To the editor:

One advantage of retirement is that I could watch the entire Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Sept. 27. This is my analysis of Christine Blasey Ford’s and Brett Kavanaugh’s testimonies. I will discuss the evidence or lack of evidence presented during the hearing.

Ford claimed that she has mental health problems: Anxiety, PTSD and claustrophobia. She has received treatments for these disorders, including a session in which she recovered a repressed memory about the unsubstantiated sexual assault. No evidence was given from a medical professional about her mental conditions. Her claustrophobia limits her flying to business and pleasure trips. She named persons who were supposed to be present at the party where she was drinking beer and claims that she was sexually assaulted. All of the named persons have denied that this “party” ever happened. She apparently passed a lie detector test, but there was no evidence revealed during the hearing, just the word of her attorneys. She could not answer several questions without consulting her two attorneys, one of whom was recommended by Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif. I have never seen a victim of a crime need attorneys to assist testimony. She stated she is 100 percent sure that she was assaulted by Kavanaugh and there was no follow-up questioning to verify how well she knew Kavanaugh prior to this “assault.” Alan Dershowitz has publicly stated that the questions to her by Rachel Mitchell did not elicit important information to verify or refute her claims. She claims that she subsequently saw one of the “witnesses to the event” working at a supermarket. He did not speak to her when she said “Hi.” Perhaps he was told that it was inappropriate to talk to customers while he was working. I did not find her testimony to be as credible as it has been claimed. She may have been sexually assaulted, but I believe that it was not by Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh has passed six extensive FBI background checks. Kavanaugh gave a powerful opening statement that brought tears to my eyes. He had a calendar from 1982, the year of the alleged assault, which he kept as both a calendar and a diary. There is no documentation of this party or of Ford. The Democrats questioned him endlessly about information in his high school yearbook. They were condescending and cruel. The Democrats kept repeating the same questions and Kavanaugh answered them the same way every time. The Democrats’ treatment of Kavanaugh was unethical, immoral, malicious and evil.

Kavanaugh’s temperament as a judge is now being questioned by the Democrats. He and his family are the brunt of “jokes” by Hollywood elites and others. It makes one wonder what the Democrats will do to any of us if they are given majorities in the House and Senate after the November election. Any of us “deplorables who cling to our guns and Bibles” could be the next one targeted for destruction by the Democrats. Remember this when you go to the polls in November.

Michalene A. King