Vote yes for school levy

To the editor,

I am writing this letter in honor of Steubenville City Schools. With the vote for the levy fast approaching, I feel it’s only appropriate that the community is informed of the positive experiences Steubenville City Schools has provided for my children. I am a mother of four, ranging from second to 12th grades. I value education and always preach to my kids about the importance of learning and getting good grades.

In today’s age, technology is used more and more in learning. Steubenville City Schools has provided my children with the technological resources to prepare them for the real world. The academic benefits that are available through Steubenville City Schools provide an opportunity that students throughout our community should take advantage of.

The academic excellence held within Steubenville City Schools has to stem from somewhere, and that is through the exceptional teachers each site has to offer. The teachers are hard-working, dedicated individuals who always strive to make sure each student is reaching his/her full academic potential; Steubenville City Schools teachers do not accept any less.

I am confident in my decision to send my kids to Steubenville City Schools every day, because I know they are receiving an education that will last a lifetime.

The reasons listed above are why I urge everyone to vote yes for SCS on Nov. 8. The levy does not increase our taxes. It will help keep our facilities and academics the best in the valley. Kids are the future, and we owe it to them to provide them with the best education possible, and you will find that education at Steubenville City Schools.

Lisa Biasi



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