Toronto Oktoberfest event a success

To the editor:

Thank you to all who made the first Toronto Oktoberfest an outstanding event on Oct. 15 at the Misty River Marina of Toronto.

All involved need to be mentioned by name and organization. Thanks are extended to Dave, Heather and Doug Dock, owners of the Misty River Marina, and the employees of the marina who gave of their time. Without the commitment, cooperation and support of the Mistry River Marina, the Oktoberfest would not have taken place.

Thanks to TEMS Joint Ambulance District, Chief Clark Crago; Toronto Fire Department and Chief Bill Scheel; and Toronto Police Department and Capt. Randy Henry and the men who work in these departments. The three departments arrived with fire engines, ladder trucks, emergency medical vehicles and police cars to the delight of the children and parents.

Thank you, Fred Abdalla Jr. and officers of the Jefferson County Juvenile Court and the youth who assisted in the setup of the Oktoberfest venue.

Thank you, Richie Coburn for providing music and commentary for the early afternoon family segment of the Oktoberfest. Richie also supervised the members of the Toronto High School Beta Club. The students assisted in the setup and in parking and directing traffic for the event.

Buster Bowman and volunteers of the Dark View Haunted Attraction provided scares and thrills and a preview of what is to be found at the Halloween Dark View Haunt. Thank you for being part of the event.

Lance Wargo of Wargo Construction organized and directed the Oktoberfest cornhole tournament. Thank you.

Kenny Davis of Superior Beverages provided the direction and guidance of the event. Thank you, Kenny.

A special thank you goes to Jeff Ashkettle, who provided magic tricks that entertained both young and old. It needs to be said that Jeff is currently being treated for cancer and has stated that the T.E.A.R. Fund has provided hope and support to him and so many others.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Kris Grimm.  He seemed to be wherever he was needed. Grimm was key in the planning and execution from the beginning. Thank you.

For information on the coalition, visit www.TheGemCity.org.

George Komar


Toronto Coalition

for Revitalization