Stink surrounds Donald Trump

To the editor:

Let’s start with the Herald-Star’s endorsement of Rob Portman. The Herald-Star states that Portman has been a staunch champion of working men and women. He has fought against trade deals that sell out Ohio workers. This may not be totally accurate because Portman supported the Central America Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA and just about every other Free Trade Agreement. He also supported the Trans Pacific Partnership, but his support on that has waned. Does Portman think these trade deals don’t sell out Ohio workers? So, for all the voters out there railing against Bill Clinton’s support for NAFTA, I’m sure you won’t be casting your vote for Portman. FYI: John Kasich voted for NAFTA. Ted Strickland voted no.

As for state Sen. Lou Gentle and his bid for re-election: I believe everyone in this district, whether they want to admit it or not, knows Gentile has worked tirelessly for all his constituents. He has supported small business, coal miners, seniors, steelworkers, teachers, police, firefighters and veterans. Gentile has earned your vote. If anyone has a problem, he’s there to help. It’s ironic that the Republicans want a SEAL in the Senate and a draft dodger in the White House.

Now to the values voters, or the Republican Party. Let’s take a look at its nominee for president and their values. Let’s begin with draft dodger Donald Trump’s housing discrimination against blacks, his talk of grabbing women’s body parts, which he says he can do because he’s famous. Some other values you might share: His mocking of the handicapped, his boasting of adulterous affairs and bribing of public officials, his denigrating women, his suggestion that we carpet bomb countries and kill families of terrorists, or maybe it’s torture. Maybe you agree with his deportation force to remove all those Mexicans whom he claims are rapists and murderers (reminiscent of Nazi Germany), or his refusal to accept refugees who are fleeing death and destruction. Trump hasn’t forgotten you Christians. He’s going to ban Muslims because of their religion, something you should be outraged about since you’re so concerned about losing your own religious freedom — or is that outrage just for Christians?

Trump talks of his great respect for veterans, but insults John McCain because he was captured and tortured as a POW, and also the Khan family, whose son paid the ultimate sacrifice defending this country — his life.

Trump talks of creating jobs, but has his own products made overseas with cheap labor. He hired undocumented workers and has refused to pay some of those who work for him.

His supporters say they like him because he’s tough, but when it was his turn to serve he wasn’t so tough — draft dodger Donald.

In closing, I would like to say to the single issue pro-life voters, do you really believe he is pro-life? All you Trump supporters can hold your nose and vote for Trump, but that stink is not going away.

John Reda



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