Steubenville schools deserve levy

To the editor:

As a mother of two young children, ages 5 and 4, I have come to realize the importance of an early childhood education.

Sending my kids to Steubenville City Schools has opened my eyes to what the school system does for the community and what it has to offer. Not only does Steubenville City Schools educate the majority of children in the community, but the educators and administrators in these schools also instill values in our children, and they get them involved with endless community service projects.

The children who attend these schools are our future doctors, accountants, nurses, educators and leaders.

I ask you to take a minute and to think about your future. Voting yes to renew the SCS levy will ensure a brighter future for our students, and it will not increase your taxes. If this levy passes, it will continue to pay for educational materials and up-to-date technology, and it will help to renovate the facilities to help accommodate our growing SCS community.

Jamie Crites



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