Metcalf deserves readers’ votes

To the editor,

Greg Metcalf understands that to be a county commissioner you have to represent the whole county.

He has spent the last nine months traveling the county, attending village council meetings, school board meetings and other community events. He has taken the time to listen to residents and has seen that many of the rural parts of our county are truly under served.

Metcalf has built relationships with village leaders and understands the challenges they face and the lack of resources available to overcome those challenges.

If you think there isn’t a crisis of leadership in Jefferson County, just look around us. Belmont County has seen tremendous growth in St. Clairsville and the surrounding areas. Harrison County has had two multi-million dollar gas-processing plants and several smaller sites built in the past five years. Carroll County has a nearly $1 billion gas-fired power plant being built as you read this. Columbiana County has had a multi-million dollars gas processing plant and is in line to have another gas fired power plant built within its borders.

There is a reason every county around us has seen tremendous growth in the past decade while Jefferson County has withered on the vine.

We need dynamic leadership that knows how to tap the tremendous potential our county holds. It’s time to get Jefferson County working again. That’s why I will be voting for Greg Metcalf for county commissioner on Nov. 8.

Ryan Omaits