It’s time to see the light

To the editor,

Of the 45 million voting-age Catholics in America, half will vote for Hil-Liar-ry, an advocate of partial birth abortion.

She states she advocates for children, only if they’re born. If she values all life she’d protect babies being murdered in the womb. Catholics supporting Clinton are either uninformed or indifferent. Uninformed I understand, but indifference to pro abortion, shameful. You can’t rationalize indifference no matter what liberals promise.

More than 120 innocents are brutally murdered every hour in America. Abortionists murder viciously. Look at any abortion photo, you’ll never vote for Clinton.

Clinton said she loves her beautiful grandchildren. How can she justify murdering others in the womb? It’s amazing, those who have been born want to decide fate of the unborn. Clinton’s top aids’ e-mails reveal their platform of contempt and hatred for Catholics.

They state Catholicism is bastardization of Christianity, a savage mid-evil dictatorship. Is she thinking Islam? If you don’t know the difference, you’re an idiot.

Clinton’s Catholic running mate said, “If you don’t like anti-Catholic bigotry, too bad.” Clinton’s staff talks about Catholics as “severely backward” and wants to plant the seed of rebellion in our church. If you think she won’t go after our church, you’d better look at Obuma’s attack on it. Our First Amendment rights are being taking away.

Democrats established political correctness, this controls speech and thinking. They are attacking freedom of religion.

Mark my words, she will make Catholics and all churches believing in right to life lose their tax exemptions if they don’t submit to her policies.

She hates religion because we believe in God. That makes her uneasy, so now she has to defend her immoral stand on abortion by cheating, rigging, manipulating, pay-for-play, breaking rules and regulations, and this list goes on. So if you are Catholic and know about her ways and still vote for her, then we all lose our religious rights.

Why doesn’t the church chastise Catholic politicians supporting abortions? Our clergy has only two weeks to wake up many sleeping Catholics.

Exercising my First Amendment right when serial sexual predator Bill Clinton spoke at Harding Middle school (aren’t sexual predators barred from schools?) the liberals waiting near the entrance did their best to stifle me. I asked if they would like Steubenville to become a Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, and one person in line shouted “It already has.”

Did you know Democrats found, led and comprised the KKK. Democrats voted 100 percent, 97 percent and 100 percent against the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments that abolished slavery, gave blacks citizenship and voting rights. Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights Act was passed in Congress because of majority of Republican votes.

For 40 years liberals kept minorities in ghettos and barrios. It’s about time you see the light. An educated black or Hispanic person is a liberal’s worst nightmare.

Why is there a fence around a grave yard? To keep dead Democrats from voting.

If liberals advocate for abortion, why are there liberals?

Barry Bardone