Deeply flawed, but which flaw is worse

To the editor,

With October designated as Respect Life Month and the election closing in, it is appropriate to view what the “progressive” political platform promises, with the caveat that “certain choices are incompatible with human dignity” (author George Weigel). Their presidential candidate has left no doubt her aim is suppression of Judeo-Christian morality. A firm promise was given to use government power to silence those who profess religiously informed moral arguments.

Reading this platform is evidence that there is a firm commitment to subordinate the laws of God to the whims of passing fashion, to “look upon conscientious scruples and religious duties as quite obsolete” (from a sermon by the Rev. L. Ruland).

The voting public is faced with a decision of creative love versus destructive hatred, moral resistance to barbaric injustice or “imposition of a philosophy of life antagonistic to the (Judeo) Christian religion” (Preacher George Bell; Ascension Day Message).

The progressive left has promised to expand and use taxpayer money to support the abortion industry; to do away with any limit on abortion, even until right before onset of labor; to use government power to “force the change of long-held religious doctrine”; to force other countries to choose between pro-life morality and foreign aid; and finally, to redefine the God-given sacrament of matrimony, making it no more than a gymnastic exercise.

This political platform, combined with John Podesta’s e-mails, give ample evidence “the Democratic Party is becoming more and more institutionally hostile to the Christian faith — that is an absolute and inescapable reality” (Ross Douthat; New York Times columnist). There also is the promise to nominate only like-minded judges, who will invent new ways to circumvent the Bill of Rights and extend their assault on freedom of religion for generations.

It is a given that both candidates are deeply flawed, but which flaw is worse — verbal denigration, however salacious, or life-long dedication to the destruction of innocent life? The major media outlets declare voting for the Republican an idiotic gamble, but voting for the “progressive” is a sure surrender of doctrinal authority and freedom of religion to a demagogue possessed of a marked animosity to the people of God and laws of the creator.

For Catholics, the USCCB’s pamphlet Examination of Conscience identifies “knowingly voting for someone who is pro-abortion” as a mortal sin, violating the command “Thou shall not murder.” By opposing this immensely greater of the two evils, I gladly prefer to be designated an idiot than obstinately enter a state of serious sin against the laws of God.

Mankind must realize “God’s law, promulgated by Moses, contains, the major principles, the absolutely necessary conditions for the spiritual survival of man” (Robert Cardinal Sarah; God or Nothing).

Ed Bednar



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