City schools do a great job

To the editor:

We have three children in the Steubenville City School District, two at Harding Middle School and one at Wells Academy.

Our children did not start out in the Steubenville City School system, and because of that we can appreciate the wide array of educational and extra-curricular opportunities available to them through the district’s schools, opportunities they would not have had at their prior school.

Statistically, there is a direct correlation between the strength of a community’s schools and the strength of the community as a whole.  Steubenville is blessed with a strong school system. That is in no small part thanks to the dedicated administrators and teachers who are constantly seeking out ways to improve the educational opportunities available to the district’s students, and who are constantly educating themselves as to new program options to appeal to the students’ individual abilities.

From enrichment classes, S.T.E.M. offerings, including Lego robotics, and college level course offerings to orchestra, band, choir, writing, math and drama clubs, community-based service programs starting in grade school, and West’s garden club, the district’s students are encouraged to find a path that will enable them to flourish.

Steubenville City Schools recognizes that no two students have identical interests, and strives to offer an array of options that will enhance each individual student’s educational experience. As a result, Steubenville City Schools graduates strong, well-rounded students and involved community members.

­This November, Steubenville City Schools has a levy on the ballot. The levy replaces an existing bond and will not result in any additional taxes. The district’s administrators and teachers need the community’s assistance to pass the levy so they can continue to provide a solid educational pathway for current and future students.

All members of the Steubenville community should stand behind the levy and cast their votes in support of it. Even those individuals who do not have a student in the district benefit from the solid educational foundation obtained through the Steubenville City School system because the children who are served by the district’s schools are their neighbors and the Ohio Valley’s future. Strong schools draw people to a community, which increases the long-term economic outlook for Steubenville and each individual resident of Steubenville.

We cannot expect to grow and prosper as a community if we, as a community, will not support our schools. This November, cast your vote for our community by voting yes for SCS.

Theresa O’Brien