A man of action, not just words

To the editor,

Every so often an area is fortunate enough to have a true public servant dedicated to taking care of the region they represent. The 30th Senate District has exactly that in Lou Gentile. It is imperative we vote to send him back to Columbus this November.

I have known Lou for many years from his time working tirelessly to improve our area through the Governor’s Office of Appalachia, while working as a state representative and his time so far in the state Senate. Advocating daily for the folks in the place he has called home his entire life, Lou is our voice on funding our public schools and holding charter schools accountable for our tax money received and the children they are charged with educating.

He has made great strides in making certain military training and experience translate directly into job skills and opportunities, fighting to restore the homestead exemption so that seniors receive much deserved relief on property taxes and working every day to foster an environment that allows the creation of jobs and opportunities for those of us who call this area home.

Lou is present. He was a vocal supporter at the siting board hearing that lead to the construction of Carroll County Energy’s power plant. He has visited multiple businesses, schools and civic group functions in the county, and has spent time getting to know those of us who live here, working to be part of the community.

Always a man of action and not just words, Lou fought hard in the state house against the passage of SB 5, the devastating attack on workers in Ohio, and when it was necessary that the people repeal the action, he was present again, knocking on doors into the dark hours, talking to voters face to face.

When you cast your ballot this fall, and you look down to the state Senate race, know that only one choice guarantees you a present, knowledgeable, involved representative who understands our area and advocates daily, always voting his district. Join me in sending Lou Gentile back to the state Senate this November.

Barb Lawrence