We can depend on Lou Gentile

To the editor:

State Sen. Lou Gentile, D-Steubenville, has fought hard for our area at every stage of his life. Not only does Lou represent my family in the Senate, you can bet that he has been fighting for yours, too.

As his constituent, I am proud to support Gentile in his race for Ohio Senate, because he is someone who truly understands the issues facing Southeast Ohio.

Energy sources like coal and shale gas make up a large portion of our economy. Gentile is working every day to support these industries and make sure our workers are protected.

Lou has introduced legislation to help groups such as military veterans with his Veterans Opportunity Act, which helps veterans get college credit for academic work in the armed forces.

Besides fighting to get new jobs for us, here in his region of Ohio, Gentile has fought to make sure the jobs we do have don’t go anywhere. He has worked tirelessly to urge oil and gas companies to hire local workers first. He also established funding in the state’s budget for scholarships at Eastern Gateway Community College that help students learn the skills to find a job in the oil and gas industry in their own community.

I know that Gentile will keep fighting for our families if he wins in November. I know that he will continue to always have his door open to a constituent in need. Gentile is someone we can depend on to do what is right for us and what is right for Ohio. I urge everyone to support him this November.

Andrea Bell