Hoagland the clear choice

To the editor:

The voters of Jefferson County will have a variety of decisions to make up and down the ballot. For some of the positions on the ballot, it might be a difficult choice, but the choice for state senator is clear: Frank Hoagland is by far the best choice for the position.

He has common sense and integrity, which is refreshing because such attributes are seldom seen these days. Both as a businessman and a Navy SEAL, he has demonstrated the leadership and management skills so desperately needed in our state capital. Hoagland lives here in Jefferson County, and he understands the values of the hard-working people of Jefferson County. He will use his experience for S.T.A.R.T. and 360 Safe Solutions to benefit the people of Ohio.

It is time for a fresh face in our state Capitol. Hoagland is that fresh face and sharp mind.

Erol Hosdil