Hillary brings too many issues

To the editor:

This presidential election year is our chance to save our country from becoming even more immoral, unfree and lost. Many people feel concerned about this election. That’s a very reasonable concern.

One of Hillary Clinton’s most concerning goals as president would be to appoint Supreme Court justices who are extremely liberal and pro-abortion. This is when the country will be further lost. We have experienced the actions of that manner of judges. During the eight-year Obama presidency, they (the majority of judges) chose to legalize same-sex marriage, claiming they have a right to redefine natural marriage, basically criminalizing an authentic support for natural, traditional family life in this country. And, we can’t let ourselves forget how they ruled that individuals must buy insurance, and ordered religious organizations to pay for abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives (which they cannot do against their conscience and faith) or pay very steep penalties. Religious liberty is being taken away in these mandates of Obamacare.

Hillary Clinton will continue and expand abortion funding through a continuing government-controlled, abortion-providing, health care system (Obamacare) as well as taxpayer funding to her colleague Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion industry in the nation. Remember the CEO of Planned Parenthood at the Democratic convention. It does not appear that Hillary would be a president seeking to help children, since children are children before and after birth. She has made her stance clear to the public: She supports abortion throughout a woman’s nine months of pregnancy, even when abortion is well-documented to damage a woman both psychologically and create health risks, even death. Should this be our first female president? Hillary would be the commander of an army waging war on women.

Finally, she has violated the laws of public office by using her private server to send an abundant amount of office e-mails (in this case the office of U.S. Secretary of State), some that were clearly marked classified. And then there were those numerous e-mails that she “deleted.” Were those classified? We will never know. She was let off the hook. Then, she publicly lied, and continues to, saying that there were no classified e-mails. There is also the issue of the Clinton Foundation and money donations from foreign lands while she was Secretary of State. And what about how she lied about the reason for the attack on the Lybian Embassy, and to the parents of the deceased?

Yes, we need to be concerned, and, I add, anxious, to make sure to vote for and elect the opponent of Hillary, the only one who can defeat her, the man who will support morality, freedom and vision in his decision-making: Donald Trump. Or we will definitely experience a more lost, freedom-restricting and immoral country.

Jean Schalk