Don’t forget judgment day

To the editor:

What brings you to church? Is it the love of God? The fear of God? Or do you just come to impress your friends? Do you listen to what God has asked you to do? Do you thank Jesus for dying for you? He loved you enough to die and go and prepare a place for all of you to come to when you die. That place is heaven.

He did not say you would automatically be given a ticket to this destination. He set rules that we must follow, the list being the Ten Commandments. As generations pass, we get more complacent with these rules. Yes, we are breaking many of them. Not only are we breaking them, we are voting people into office who make laws and get them passed that are directly opposite of God’s demands. Yes, through the representatives we vote for, this happens. Yet, in our mind we did nothing wrong. We go to confession and do not confess that we promoted issues that were against God’s word. I guess we think God will accept us when we pass from this world.

Yes, if you are for abortion, two men marrying, two women marrying, raising children in that type of environment and breaking other rules of God, you have got a big problem.

It’s time you got on your team, and don’t vote for someone who is definitely rejecting God’s rules. Put God above any party or habit you may have. Show God you love him more. Don’t let Jesus die in vain, and make your judgment day a good one.

Bob Strain

St. Clairsville