Clinton bad for our country

To the editor:

When I see the Clinton campaign ads, it makes me sick and very worried about the future and security of our great country. We need coal, steel and electricity to remain a world super power. We cannot maintain our top position without all three. It is downright foolish to believe that we can rely on any other country to supply these for us.

The world is not stable without the U.S. continuing to be the only deterrent to tyranny, war and desolation. The Muslims in the Middle East are on a mission and they will never stop. Therefore, we must remain stronger than they are, and solar energy is definitely not the answer to replace cheap, economical, dependable and increasingly clean coal-fired electricity. It is absurd and stupid to listen to proven liars like Hillary and Bill Clinton. They also are on a mission: To amass a fortune for themselves.

We could absolutely lose our security and way of life if she becomes president. Our enemies are waiting and hoping for us to elect another weak and short-sighted president. We have everything, to lose. We cannot continued to have a do-nothing leadership in Congress and in the White House for four more years of bankruptcy. We need leaders who will bite the bullet, balance the budget and make us strong again. We must do this for our children and grandchildren.

Do not become puppets who listen to the pied-piper. God bless America, and I ask all our citizens to please work hard to maintain our American way of life.

Steve Looney

Mingo Junction