Lou Gentile has delivered

To the editor:

During every election season Columbus politicians and special interests handpick a candidate to challenge our state Sen. Lou Gentile., D-Steubenville. Gentile is hard-working, effective and serves our district well. This year, the special interests are backing a no-name candidate whose supporters routinely make false claims about Gentile.

Let’s get the record straight: Gentile delivered $250,000 in scholarship money, known as the Lou Gentile Scholarship, for our young people who want to work in the oil and gas industry and stay in our area. He led the fight to keep the Mine Safety Training Center in our area and won. His plan to award academic credit for Ohio’s veterans was the model for the governor’s executive order and ultimately was put into Ohio law.

This fall, reject the lies and false claims made about Gentile. Don’t allow the special interests to install a yes-man like Frank Hoagland, who will vote to cut funding for our kids and police and fire services. Gentile’s opponent refused to decry anti-worker policies such as so-called Right to Work that reduce wages and safety on the job.

Republican leaders in Columbus want someone they can control who will not represent our area but will rather kowtow to the special interests.

This fall, remember who is fighting and representing us. Vote Lou Gentile for Ohio Senate.

Ralph White