Good will toward Obama missing

To the editor:

I challenge any reader of the Herald-Star to present an opinion of good will from this newspaper’s opinion staff for our current president. It is as if he does not exist unless to be bashed or exiled. (Oh yeah, they did cover the Democratic convention.)

The Aug. 12 edition shows U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, on the front page sharing business concerns with local business leaders. He and his majority in Congress have been the most obstructive, do-nothing group ever assembled (look it up.) These folks have had majority control since 2012 and are “doing all they can to curb regulations.” New EPA regulations are “crazy,” he says. Well, guess what: Insecticides and fertilizers pouring into our streams and rivers are not good for our dwindling supply of nonpoisonous fresh water, which also contributes to areas of our dying oceans. That is crazy. He also says he does not support workers earning up to $48,000 in salary to become hourly wage earners so they may earn overtime pay. Then he jumped on the Supreme Court nominations wagon, spreading fear. The Supreme Court has leaned right since George W Bush. Our system of government works when we vote for candidates who share common values. We are a people of morals and values, but our more common thread is values. We are all morally not the same. Will I vote for a billionaire who was started on his way with a $100 million bank account or a woman who started like the 98 percent of us. She has apologized for not being perfect, and she does have a history of fighting for people like us — again, look it up.

Here they go again: In the Herald-Star editorial of Aug. 19, the headline was “Obamacare woes leave sick feeling.” First of all, the word Obamacare is a nickname for the Affordable Care Act. On Page 2A of the Aug. 12 edition that contained the Johnson comments, you’ll find the headline, “Medicaid estimate renews cost concern.” When you read this article to the last paragraph, you’ll find “the overall cost of the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansion is still lower than estimated when the law passed in 2010.” Give me a break!

By the way, I am a subscriber to the Herald-Star and look forward to its delivery to my home daily.

Dennis Milko