Gentile fights for working families

To the editor:

I’m an older Ohioan, and I’ve lived all my life in Eastern Ohio. I worked hard and played by the rules, but it still seems like I can’t get ahead. Like many other people my age I know, I live on a fixed income and can’t afford to spare much. Any amount of tax relief is beneficial.

Lou Gentile understands the struggle of older Ohioans like myself. He works hard to be present in the community and help his constituents, even when he’s not campaigning. That’s why he introduced legislation that would help give seniors property tax relief.

Gentile is the sponsor of a bill that would allow all seniors, regardless of their income, to receive property tax relief under the homestead exemption.

Due to recent state budget changes made by Gov. John Kasich and the Republican-dominated legislature, those turning 65 who make more than $31,500 no longer qualify and are not eligible to receive the homestead exemption. Gentile wants to change that to allow more middle class seniors to qualify for this tax relief. This bill would leave more money in the pockets of older Ohioans who are struggling to make ends meet.

It is important to point out that under Gentile’s plan, the state, not local governments, would be responsible for paying for this modest tax relief. He believes that helping our seniors and providing them with much needed tax relief should be a priority at the Statehouse, and that is why he is advocating for us.

I’m supporting Lou Gentile in November because he stands up for seniors and all working families. He genuinely cares about us every year, not only during election years.

Sandy Gaydos