Problem solved in Toronto

To the editor:

Most of the time when City Council officials hear from your constituents, it is usually not good news or it is one of those “darned if I do, or darned if I didn’t” case scenarios.

My letter is not one of those. I am writing this letter to thank 3rd Ward Councilman Jason Fogle and Mayor John Parker for their quick action in addressing a concern I had about the street I live on. These two are a rare breed when it come to today’s elected officials. They say what they are going to do and do what they say. Their actions speak louder than their words. There’s no B.S. The late Mayor John Geddis would have been proud of both of them. They were excellent students and he taught them well.

In June, there was an article in the Herald-Star that discussed council asking residents to notify them if their street was in need of repair. I notified my councilman, Fogle, about the need of repairs to the hill section of the 900 block of Loretta Avenue. Fogle called me about my problem, stopped by my home to survey the problem and told me he would consult with Parker about my problem. Within a very short period of time, they both called me again and stopped by my home to further consult with me and study the problem. Both told me they would check the city finances and that section of street would be repaired.

In September and October, the city repaired the left side of Loretta going up the hill. Fogle called twice while the work was progressing. He then stopped by to survey the result of the work and asked if I was pleased, which I was extremely.

In March, the city returned and repaired the right side of Loretta going up the hill, completing the project.

I have lived on Loretta Avenue for 30 years. This is the first time I have had to contact the city government for anything. I can honestly say that I was highly impressed by the action and treatment I received. I feel that Parker and Fogle went above and beyond the call of duty as elected city officials. Their quick and caring response to concerns about the street demonstrates a very high level of professionalism.

I also would like to thank the city workers who did the repairs. They worked hard, were personable and did an outstanding job.

Respect is not given – it is earned. Fogle, Parker and the city workers have earned praise. Their actions and hard work are reasons why Toronto is called the Gem City.

To all of the above, thanks from me, my wife, Rosemary, and all of my neighbors.

I also would like to thank City Council, the Toronto City School District and Geddis for getting a new softball complex for the city’s young ladies. The girls in Toronto deserve the same treatment and facilities as the boys. They should always be treated equally.

Andy Renforth