No room for PC thoughts

To the editor:

President Obama’s Department of Justice issued a memo disparaging the use of felon and convict when referring to convicted law breakers. Stupid. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. This PC garbage is the progressive way to control thoughts by controlling what one can say. They can go long behind the black Chevy, as Bill Cosby states. Obuma said, “If we pass more gun laws, crime will go away.” Stunning – if stupid could fly, he’d be a rocket ship. Our national security team is made up of dim-wits, ill-informed Harvard brainless seat-fillers and just plain nincompoops. They know better than the military, which has been protecting county for 240 years.

Obama said ” Islam has always been part of America’s history.” Yeah, like the Barbary Coast Pirates, Twin Towers, workplace violence, San Bernardino, ISIS, Boston Marathon bombing – Muslims were aligned with Hitler.

Name a Muslim charity, and not one that pays the family of a suicide bomber. Is there a funded Muslim hospital like St. Jude or Shriner hospital for children? Ever see a Muslim band march in a parade?

Bill Clinton received $12 million and Hil-Liar-ry $8 million to write memoirs, yet they repeatedly testify under oath they can’t remember anything. Hillary is filthy rich, white, nominally Christian, receives huge donations from Wall Street and voted for the Iraq War, everything amigo liberals hate. Yet they want her for president – if that’s not mental illness, I don’t know what is. I will predict Clinton will capture the Chicago cemetery vote. Coal miners and companies can believe the only truthful thing she ever said: “We’ll put many mining companies and miners out of work.” She campaigns on continuing Obama’s policies. Great. Let ISIS run wild, let the world sneak into America and keep our GNP growth under 3 percent yearly. Obama is the only president to do that. Go Hillary. Will any amigo liberal write a letter listing her accomplishments? For every one you list, I’ll list two that makes her a liar and fool. Come on valley progressives, give us a laugh. No one answered my last letter.

What toilet does Bruce Jenner use? Liberals cry about voter registration. Take a lesson from Nelson Mandela’s speech – get an ID, register (legally) and vote. You know why there are conservatives? Because we all can’t be on welfare. I believe there is racism in America. Here are two symbols: The KKK and Al Sharpton.

Obtuse liberals moan about breaking up families in the United States illegally with American-born children. I have a solution: Send the parents back and keep children as wards of the state. It’s cheaper than paying for parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. When the children reach 18, they must serve in military. Or, send the whole family back and when children are 18 they have an option to come back. It’s not the children’s fault, but why should I support them and their extended families for their parent’s illegal activities?

Barry Bardone